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Dreblow and Associates is a highly successful sales organization with the combined total of 30 years of experience in the healthcare management arena; working 20 years as a hospital Business Office Director before moving to a 10-year career as a sales professional to hospitals.

Dreblow and Associates experience of healthcare financial management has been developed by "operating from both sides of the desk".

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COVID-19 Solutions

Don't be left behind, it's not too late, you can still reach out to your audience. Dreblow and Associates takes the learning curve out of outreach and digital communications.

Webinars have grown exponentially in popularity, great! But what is the first step? What technology is involved? How do I make sure I look and sound relevant? How do I even draw in a crowd? What if I have technical difficulties and I just want to concentrate on the message? 

Dreblow and Associates has every step covered, you just provide a presenter and content.

Featured Webinar Services

Dreblow and Associates

If you are looking to upgrade your firm’s sales campaign, Dreblow and Associates can market, organize and produce your firm’s webinar and sales video productions.

Featured Webinars

The team from

Dreblow and Associates promoted/produced/prospected for Dr. Terrance Govender of ClinIntell’s presentation: “Putting CC/MCC Capture Rates to the Test.” This resulted in over 750 registered guests that explored the validity of CC/MCC capture rates and literally putting them to the test. 

Elite Vendors 

Represented by Dreblow and Associates

Our Team

Dan Dreblow

President - Sales Broker

Former Director of Business Services -

Scripps Memorial Hospital, 20 years experience

Mary Anne Maes

Vice President - Marketing

Former Audit Manager -

U.S. Department of Defense

Robin Furlong

Sales Broker

Former HIM Director - 

Phoenix Children's Hospital, 35 years experience

Houshang Abd

Sales Broker

Former CFO -

Dignity Health, 40 years experience

Michael Laidlaw

Sales Broker

Former Regional Registration Director - 

Sutter Health, 40 years experience

Derek Dreblow

VP of Informational Systems

Bachelor of Science in Engineering - 


Adam Klingsheim

VP of Webinar Marketing

Paramedic Firefighter

Riley Haldeman

Strategic Projects Manager

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science -

CSU-Longe Beach

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